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Through a Bank Approved Short Sale

One Call Auction Delay
Call Roger at 760-383-1293

The bank pays us to be your representative, so our services are free to you! 


CHASE offers a pre-approved short sale program.

Call Roger at (760) 383-1293
Roger will initiate a Conference Call with you and CHASE to initiate the process, and better understand ALL of the Foreclosure Alternatives currently available to you.
CHASE Telephone Hours: MON - THU 8am - Midnight
                 ~  FRI  8am - 11pm  ~  SAT  8am - 8pm

Gather all the documents requested by CHASE.

Click on Logo to LEFT for complete list of Documentation.

CLICK on the logo on the LEFT and PRINT it out, FILL it out (Don't hesitate to call Roger to have him personally assist you in filling out these forms accurately), Sign it and FAX it to us at 760-482-1293 or Scan it and Email it to us at BowersRealty@Gmail.Com


CHASE APPRAISAL is completed (coordinated with Roger).


Complete Real Estate marketing package and coordinate showings for offer(s) to submit with above short sale package to CHASE Short Sale Department.