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The Hard Number Reality about Loan Modification

Although they would make sense to you and me, Principle Reductions are rare.  And now that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, who originate over 80% of loans, formally announced that they will not approve principle reductions, your chances of getting a loan balance reduced to today's values are slim.  With a Lender Pre Approved Price Short Sale, you can eliminate all the excess debt on your mortgage, and get cash to move.


Within a short period of time you may even buy another home at today's historically low rates and home values with our own Short Sell and Buy program.


If you are still interested in a loan modification, use the chart below to find out what typical homeowners like you, would need to qualify:

* Currrent loan Payoff balance, including any arrearages (i.e. unpaid payments, late penalties, fees)


**Mortgage holder's Annual Salary needed to qualify, based on standard HAMP guidelines for the new 30-year fixed-rate, fully amortized loan at a 2% rate including taxes and insurance.  Your new modified payment cannot exceed 31% of your documented income.