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Through a Bank Approved Short Sale

One Call Auction Delay
Call Roger at 760-383-1293
BankDelay and Get Paid to Move
A Bank Approved Short Sale, not only erases your mortgage debt, but it can get you up to $10,000 in relocation allowance; and typically 3-9 months longer in your home.
Here's how it generally works:
(although each participating bank has variations on this basic premise)

Call Roger Chandler at (760) 383-1293

(Your Local Representative for Bank / Lender Programs)

1 Day

Conference Call with Your Bank / Lender to Initiate Process

(Request Auction Date Postponement)

1 Day

Fax Third Party Authorization to 760-482-1293

1-7 Days

Short Sale Initiated with Bank / Lender
(You'll need to Complete the Initial Documentation Request on Left)
(File Motion with Civil Court as Needed)

1-3 Weeks

Lender Appraisal of your Home Completed

7-14 Days

Home Value is Established
(Real Estate Forms & Financial Docs Completed & Collected from You)

1-3 Days

Property Listed For Sale on MLS

1-60 Days

Offers Received
(Primary Offer sent to Lender with Complete Short Sale Package)

30-60 Days

Lender Short Sale Approval Letter Issued
(Buyer Inspections and Buyer Appraisal Completed)

30-45 Days

Closing Docs are Drawn, Property Closes
(Relocation Assistance Monies Provided to Seller at Closing)