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Vivid Home Realty



Through a Bank Approved Short Sale

One Call Auction Delay
Call Roger at 727-254-3383

The bank pays us to be your representative, so our services are free to you!




To QUALIFY for the HAFA or FHA or COOP

call Roger today at 760-383-1293
and complete a conference call with your Lender.
This is the quickest way to postpone your upcoming auction.


Bank of America Hours:   M-F 8am-7pm,  Sat 8am-2:30pm

Chase Hours:   M-Th 5am-9pm,  Fri 5am-8pm,  Sat 5am-5pm

Wells Fargo Hours:   M-F 6am-8pm,  Sat 7am-4pm

GMAC Hours:   M-F 5am-6pm,  Sat 6am-5pm

CITI Hours:   M-F 5am-9pm,  Sat/Sun 5am-5pm


Not near a phone or have an auction date more than a month away?


Print, Fill-out and Fax or Email us a Lender Authorization

(or Bank of America specific Authorization for BofA customers)
and we will initiate the program with your Lender.

                           Mon - Fri: 8am - 7pm (PST)
                           Saturday: 8am - 2:30pm (PST) 
                 Fax #: 1 760 482-1293

                 Email: Roger@KaiserFinance.Com

1 (727) 254-3383

Roger Chandler

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